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TCD's strategy is to become the Partner of Choice for Spain's Research Institutions for the discovery and development of Oncology drugs. In doing so TCD will capitalize on the high quality innovative research conducted in Spain and the limited early stage commercialization and funding options currently available to researchers and early stage projects. In addition TCD will continue advancing its leading program structured around Choline Kinase Alpha (ChoKα). This strategy allows TCD to be in the forefront of Oncology drug development while significantly lowering the risk and costs associated with basic research and early discovery. In implementing its business strategy TCD relies on the extensive experience of its management team in identifying and defining clear development, regulatory and clinical pathways and on leveraging the unique relationship of the Company with key Spanish Research Institutions.

TCD's business model is to identify, evaluate and in-license breakthrough cutting-edge technologies, with a clear commercial rationale, after proof-of-concept and rapidly advance them through the completion of Phase II of the Regulatory process. The Company will than seek strategic alliances to assist it in reaching the market. Value to shareholders is generated by royalty-bearing licensing agreements.

Implementing its strategy, TCD optimally utilizes its resources through collaborations and outsourcing via premier Contract Research Organizations, generating an efficient, flexible and effective development process.

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